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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Vampire Name Generator

Get your very own Vampire name at the Vampire Name Generator It gave me the name "Marquis Of The Dark" although I am already quite taken with Count Schlockula.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Weird Georgia Ghostly Hearse Story

The Hearse
by Tony Blair
In the fall of 1996, while employed as a over-the-road truck driver, I was returning from a trip to Atlanta, Ga., a route I ran two to three times a week. Running the same route over and over, small details in the road become familiar. On this particular night, it was in the wee hours of the morning. I was driving south on I-75 between Gainesville and Ocala when a hearse passed my semi. Not being a superstitious person, I thought nothing of it until I entered a massive fog bank and slowed down.
After exiting the heavy fog, I saw the hearse pass me again. I will admit I had a few chills run down my back. Tired from my 12-hour shift, I shook it off and continued on. About 10 miles down the road, I had to enter a weigh station. Upon entering the station, the entire electrical went out, leaving myself and other truckers in complete darkness. Cautiously, I left the station, building up speed to continue my run. After about 10 minutes I was back up to speed, when out my left window there it went again – the hearse that had passed me twice before.
This may not sound very interesting, but in that stretch of highway there are no exits, no pull-offs, no rest areas. Like I said, I'm not superstitious, so I said nothing to anyone about my experience.
Two weeks later, returning from the same route at about the same time in about the same location, I witnessed a severe accident first hand in which several people were injured or killed. I stopped and helped as best I could. After giving police information about what I saw, I returned home to my wife and told her what happened. I told her that I had a bottle of water in my truck and offered it to the injured people.
The following week, we were on vacation to visit my sister in Ga. On the way back, I I mentioned this is about where the accident happened. No sooner than saying that, I said, "There's my bottle of water by the guard rail in the medium." Like I said, when you run the same route over and over, you pay attention to details.

What's All This Then?

If you mention the name "Bestoink Dooley" to a certain generation of native Atlantans, you will frequently encounter a smile and stories about their memories of this Atlanta-Area Horror Host.
But if you look online for information on him or his behind the scenes life as George Ellis , you find a large blank, or just scattered facts and memories here and there.
I'd like this blog to serve as a clearing house for facts, rumors, legends and links regarding Bestoink/George Ellis.
Because a lot of time will probably pass between new information on him as I research, I plan to include links and posts that are perhaps in the spirit of Bestoink, psychotronic films (like you'll find out about if you click the link in the sidebar over there...), art flicks, Atlanta and Georgia weirdness and whatever else I come up with to rot your brain on.
So... stay tuned, Bestoink fans, the Diabolical Bestoink Dooley Blog is on the air!

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